How to Eat Like an NRL Player

How to Eat Like an NRL Player

If you have been wondering how NRL players get so big, you need to know that there is no magic about it. The secret lies in hitting the gym and training most days and eating the right food.

Among many things that rugby players are known for is their strength. These guys are ridiculously big and strong. That is one of the reasons why people love rugby as a sport. What most people don’t know is that there is no magic about the size of RNL players. Even you, you can be this big and strong if you want. But it requires a lot of discipline. First, you must be willing to hit the gym most days. The second thing is changing your lifestyle and more so improving the quality of sleep. The third and most important is eat like an NRL player by taking the right food. So the three cardinal rules for an RNL player are correct nutrition, proper rehydration, and quality sleep.

Talking about eating the right food, you need to have the correct nutrition as recommended by a professional nutritionist. It is a vital part of an RNL player. They have a strict nutrition guideline in an NRL player’s diet which they must follow to attain the expected physical goals. Here are four hacks on how to eat like an NRL player:

The 90/10 Rule

The main rule promoted by club nutritionists is the 90/10 rule. The rule is designed to ensure that players are eating responsibly for better performance on the pitch. So if you want to eat like an NRL player, this a cardinal rule you must follow:

With the 90/10 rule, you must eat clean, wholesome food for 90 percent and the 10 percent is eating what you like including snacks and other junk foods. It is one of the most popular with athletes since it allows them some degree of flexibility. However, the rule may vary depending on the role of the player in the team. Depending on the performance target of the player, the level of scrutiny may vary- a front rower may have some leeway but not a fullback. So depending on the kind of body that you want, you can play around with the 90/10 rule.

High Protein Intake

cooked meatIf you want to add slabs of muscles onto you frame like RNL players, then you must eat protein at every meal- there is simply no getting around it. It is a critical component in an NRL player’s diet. And not just any amount of protein but an adequate amount. The best way to do this is eating foods that are rich in protein at every meal including breakfast. However, the player must also adhere to the 90/10 guideline in this. The best way to start your morning is adding some eggs to your breakfast. Then have chicken or salmon for lunch and finish the day with a healthy serving of red meat at dinner.

But that will not be enough for the day. You also ensure that your body is recovering after training in between the means. That is why players should have protein shakes to help recover optimally after training. So to eat like an NRL player, you need a lot of protein

Matching Nutrition to Your Training

It is essential to note that your training should determine what you eat and more so the amount. Whether you are bulking up, you need to take the correct amount of calories. Otherwise, you might take too many calories that you end up adding a lot of body fat. Therefore, to match how much you eat for your training level is crucial. If you want to add certain muscle mass, then a nutritionist will help you get the correct portion.

Perfect Carbs Eating Times

To most people, carbohydrates are bad food that makes them fat. In fact, people are scared of foods that are rich in calories. But the truth is, if you want to be as strong as an NRL player, you must eat carbs, but in moderate amounts.

Carbs are energy providing foods.  That is why they are recommended or high-intensity performance. To eat like an NRL player, you need a moderate carbs program that allows you to cycle carbohydrates intake based on your training program. For profession NRL players, they take small amounts of carbs later in the day. They also take controlled amounts of carbs 2-3 days and a limited amount early in the week since the training load is reduced. That is the typical NRL carbs program.

One other thing is the type of carbohydrate foods the player takes. Although sweet potatoes and rice are the most common source of “good fats,” unsaturated fats is the best because it won’t affect cholesterol levels. They also build a high performing body hence their popularity. Therefore, add fish, nuts, and avocados to your diet.

food on high carbs

These are tips that you need to know if you want to eat like an RNL player. They are pretty simple, and all that you need is discipline with what you eat. Follow the program strictly, and you will start noticing changes in your body size and muscles.

Here is a typical NRL Player’s diet on a Gameday:

Breakfast: Eggs, mixed berries, porridge, spinach, avocado, and sourdough toast

Lunch: Lean meat protein choice- chicken, fish, green vegetables such as broccoli and beans, steak, potatoes, rice, sweet potato mash, salad types.

Pre-game snack: Eggs, nuts, smoothies, toasted sourdough sandwiches

Pre-game: Black coffee, IsoWhey Sports Energy gels, IsoWhey Sports Pre-Workout supplement, Melon fruits

Post-game: Post-match shake including the IsoWhey Repair and Rebuild, berries, banana, IsoWhey Glutamine Powder, cream, yogurt.

Post-game meal: Mashed sweet potato, roasts meats, baked vegetables, and green vegetables


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